Admission & Fees

Curriculums(Japanese Version only)

2 Years Course


基本的な文法・漢字(300字程度)・語彙を習得し、聴解力をつけ、日常生活に役に立つコミュニケーション能力の向上を図る。 『まるごと 日本のことばと文化 入門・初級』をメインテキストに、日本語能力試験N4レベル合格を目指す。


社会生活に必要な聴解力・会話力・漢字(1,000字程度)・語彙を習得し、幅広い場面での総合的な日本語能力を養成する。『まるごと 日本のことばと文化 初中級・中級』をメインテキストにし、日本留学試験対策を行い、日本語能力試験N3・N2レベル合格を目指す。



1 Year and a Half Course


『まるごと 日本のことばと文化 入門・初級』をメインテキストに、日本語能力試験N4レベル合格を目指す。


社会生活に必要な聴解力・会話力・漢字(1,000字程度)・語彙を習得し、日本語の総合的な能力を養成する。『まるごと 日本のことばと文化 初中級・中級』をメインテキストにし、日本留学試験対策を行い、日本語能力試験N3・N2レベル合格を目指す。



Application Standard

Enrolling Standard

  1. Must to have finished the education for 12 years at least, such as the graduates of high school, technical college, junior college, university, or a postgraduate course
  2. Must to have the ability economically of studying in Japan
  3. Must to be within 5 years from the graduation
  4. Must to pass the interview test or the written examination  

Certifications for the enrollment

  1. The application forms which can be downloaded from JICEA’s HP.
  2. The Graduation certificate of final education or the Certification for the will-be graduation if you are still at school.
  3. The Performance certificate of final education or the Certification for the will-be graduation if you are still at school.
  4. The Japanese Language ability certificate if you have and a certificate for Japanese Language study at least 180 hours.
  5. A guarantor for your studying in Japan is needed who should pay your tutions and fees during the studying period in Japan.
  6. About 5 above, the guarantor should show the certificates of his employment, income and the tax payments.
  7. You can recieve the detail guidance if you contact us. 

Periods for the Applications

2 Years Course

Enrollment Period April
Application Period June 1st last year ~ November 15th last year
COE Issue Period February

1 Year and a Half Course

Enrollment Period October
Application Period February 1st ~ May 15th
COE Issue Period August

Tuition & Fees

Fees for the 1st year and the 2nd year

The 1st year(for every course)

2 years course
1 year and a half course

Application fee         10,000 JPY(the 1st year only)
Enrollment fee       50,000 JPY(the 1st year only)
Tuition  600,000 JPY(Including the expenses for domestic travels
Facility expenses       20,000 JPY
Subtotally                680,000JPY
Consumption tax8% 54,400 JPY
Totally                   734,400 JPY


The 2nd year

2 years course

Tuition  600,000 JPY(Including the expenses for domestic travels
Facility expenses        20,000 JPY
Subtotally                620,000 JPY
Consumption tax8% 49,600 JPY
Totally                   669,600 JPY

1 year and a half course

Tuition 300,000 JPY(Including the expenses for domestic travels
Facility expenses        10,000 JPY
Subtotally                310,000 JPY
Consumption tax8% 24,800 JPY
Totally                      334,800 JPY

About the return of the tuition fees

The applicant will be pay the application fee of 10000 JPY for JICEA which will NOT be returned whether the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is issued or not. If the COE is issued but the applicant is refused the visa application in Japan Embassy abroad, except the application fee of 10000 JPY and the enrollment fee of 50000 JPY, the remained will be returned while the applicant should pay the Overseas Remittance Commission

About the Overseas remittance

The first year’s fee is 734,400 JPY totally but not including the dormitry fee. Here is the JICEA’s Bank information below and the Commission of the Overseas remittance should be burdened by the applicant himself.

銀行名 朝日信用金庫
口座番号 普通 0493935
口座名 日本国際文化教育学院 (JICEA)
銀行住所 東京都台東区浅草4丁目49−12


郵便番号 111-0032
電話番号 03-3876-0701

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