Guidance For JICEA

President Greetings

JICEA is established as a Japanese Education Academy and we hope more and more excellent students will be graduate here. We are putting effort on students’ going universities in Japan meanwhile on educating international persons with great international feels which is JICEA’s origin and mission. The students here can both master Japanese language and experience Japanese culture.

JICEA wishes the students can make themselves have more and more characters and emotions of thinking for others meanwhile mastering Japanese language. I trust the study in JICEA will be the new step for the lives of the students.

理事長 木村 善一

Headmaster Greetings

The international communication is becoming more and more currently that makes the study for foreign languages and the comprehension for the different cultures more important. JICEA is pleased to do our best to support the students to go to universities in Japan and help them daily as necessary as we can.

JICEA is making efforts to become the best environments for the students who can fully experience Japanese culture here. Not only Japanese language education, we are also bearing in mind of educating the international persons in the future.

学院長 朝比奈 文章
朝比奈 文章




Excellent Japanese Lessons in JICEA

There are lots of excellent Japanese teachers in JICEA who are teaching foreign students from aborad for long years. Depending on different Japanese Levels, they have the lessons while respecting the different cultures of the foreign students.

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